"Free game center" of Minoh spa garden Onsen in Osaka prefecture

"Free game center" of Minoh spa garden Onsen in Osaka prefecture

The "Free Game Center" has been renewed in March 2017 in the hot spring theme park "Monoh Onsen Spa Garden" in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, and now the game fans are drawing great attention.

If you pay for the admission fee, you can enjoy a nostalgic arcade game with free play, a very unusual facility throughout the country.

Admission fee is adult: weekday 1580 yen Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 1980 yen.

After 18 o'clock: 980 yen on weekdays, 1280 yen on weekends and holidays.

This facility is also part of Minoh sightseeing hotel (Oedo Onsen Story Group) so it is possible to stay.

Address : 1-1 Onsen-cho Minoh City, Osaka 562-0006


Minoh Onsen Spar Garden "Game Lineup

1F Game corner

Shanghai Great Wall



Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom

Pinball Action

Puyo Puyo

Namco Classic Collection Vol.2

Marvel VS Capcom

The King of Fighters '95

Konami 80'S Arcade Gallery

Parodius! From myth to comedy


Virtua Striker 2 Version '98

Wolf on the battlefield

B1F Game Corner


Puzzle Bobble 4

Virtua Striker 2 ver.2000

Namco Classic Collection Vol.2

Elevator Action Returns

Tetris the Grand Master

Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling Fighting Spirit 4 Arcade Edition

Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam VS. Gundam NEXT

THE BATTLE OF Yu Yu ☆ White Picture ~ Death Battle! Dark Martial Arts Association ~

Dynamite Criminal EX

Side arm

Shanghai II

Fatal legend special


Samurai Spirits

Bomberman World

Puyo Pu Yodo

Kogyo Shinbun (Kurikin)

Super Street Fighter II X

Super World Stadium 2001

Raiden DX

Final Fight

Power Smash

Eat heaven and earth 2 Battle of the red wall

Rockman The Power Battle

Metal slug 3

Hot blood high school dodgeball club

5th Feb 2019

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